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What You Should Bring To Your First Meeting With Ehrlich Law Firm, P.C.

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Please bring as much as possible of the following paperwork with you to your first appointment:

Your IRS and New York State Income Tax Returns for last year.

A printout of your pay advices from your employer for the last seven (7) months. If you are residing with your spouse (whether or not you are both filing a bankruptcy petition), bring a printout of your spouse’s pay advices from the employer for the last seven (7) months.

Your last three (3) months of bank statements.

If you have been served with foreclosure papers, a copy of all foreclosure papers received and all recent correspondence from the mortgage holder.

All of your bills, collection letters, mortgage statements, car loan or lease billing statements, tax notices.

Any court papers if someone is suing you or if you are suing someone else.

If your wages are being garnished, please try to get the garnishment order from your payroll office.

If you have a car loan, please bring in your purchase contract, if you can find it.

Bring your Social Security card if you can find it and a current drivers license, passport, or other government photo ID card.

If you run your own business, try to bring in a Profit & Loss Statement for last year and as much information as possible about your current business income and expenses. Bring a copy of your contracts if you have equipment leases or purchases or are leasing your company offices.

If you cannot find all of these papers, do not be worried. Just bring in as much as you can find.

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