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Upstate New York Bankruptcy Attorneys

Troy, New York, bankruptcy lawyersTroy Debt Relief Attorneys

Troy, New York, bankruptcy lawyer Marc Ehrlich has handled more than 5,000 bankruptcy cases and has seen virtually every type of bankruptcy issue imaginable.

Chances are, Ehrlich Law Firm, P.C., can do more than just help you obtain relief from your debts. Our attorneys can anticipate your bankruptcy questions, help you understand bankruptcy alternatives and have you looking forward to life after bankruptcy.

At our law firm in Upstate New York, your personal bankruptcy matter will receive our personal attention.

Call us today to schedule your consultation. We offer free initial consultations to individuals who have completed mandatory credit counseling.

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When You Hire Us, You Will See Us.

Our attorneys do not pass clients off to paralegals or legal assistants. When you call our office, you talk to your attorney on the phone. Your initial intake is conducted by an attorney. We meet directly with our clients, we help them qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and we develop affordable repayment plans for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Experienced Attorneys in Bankruptcy and Debt Relief

Marc Ehrlich has handled more than 5,000 bankruptcy cases in over two decades of practice. Mr. Ehrlich began practicing in 1984, and has lectured on bankruptcy at universities, debtors and creditors groups and seminars. Mr. Ehrlich has also served as a bankruptcy trustee for the past 19 years, in upwards of twelve to fifteen thousand cases, in which he oversees all facets of bankruptcy law.

You can trust the experience of our personal bankruptcy attorneys.

We Help People Just Like You

We know how it is. Sometimes, life’s financial responsibilities can become seemingly impossible for even the hardest working folks. Mortgagestaxescredit cards and car loans go unpaid for one month. Suddenly, one month becomes two and quickly three, four, five or six. You do not have to live under the burden of debt. Talk to us today, and let’s get started on eliminating your debt.

An Ehrlich Law Firm, P.C., attorney is ready to talk to you.

Schedule your free initial consultation by calling toll free at 888-546-3821 or locally at 518-203-1128.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.